UX concepts for a language learning app

Learning languages while watching movies ​​- Papagei has turned this idea into a product. My task in this project was to improve the user experience of the app and to develop new concepts.

The screens shown are designed wireframes.

Flow für das Onboarding der Lernumgebung

The most important functions for entry and navigation between the so-called learning modules are explained. The app enables flexible learning, i.e. Jumping and “going on later” is possible at any time.

Flow for the “Listening” module

The layout focuses on the elements for operating the exercise: play, record and repeat. Summary screens at the end of each exercise reflect the learning progress to the user and motivate to keep on learning.

Learning success visualization

Performance charts help users assess their performance better and decide which skills they would like to focus on. Gamification elements such as badges motivate and keep the learner engaged.


Widgets at the start page provide information about the current level of learning, show new courses and offer additional tools. The page works in all display sizes:

Responsive Sichten der Homepage

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