Pivot – Events near me

To come up with ideas for spontaneous activities, you have to scan through many different sources. Mobile research is particularly cumbersome if you are already outside and want to change your mind based on the weather.


My idea is a mobile app that shows activities within walking distance based on your current location, individual criteria and weather. This can be a concert, which takes place around the corner in half an hour, a street festival or a workshop near you who has a few spots left open.

Target group

The application is aimed primarily at residents of large cities – with a reasonable amount of events in walking distance. Tourists are also likely to find the app useful.

User Stories

How would an MVP look like?

As a first version, the application should show at least one major source of events like zitty (city magazine) or free-in-berlin (portal for all free events). The proposed events should be (if a calculation of the walking distance is too difficult) within 500m of the current location and reflect the current weather. DA detail page and a link to the event are also part of the mvp.

This is an example for an mvp that shows “gratis-in-berlin” events – using their website colors:

And the content?

A variety of event databases make content sourcing complex. It would be good if partners like zitty, Eventim, Eventbrite, free-in-Berlin, nebenan.de or Facebook could be partners and supply an api. Events that can not be found in the major portals might even be more interesting – maybe there is an opportunity to see what a crawler can dig out?

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