Improve Polit-X’s user experience step by step

Polit-X offers products that enable actors in political communication to observe new trends regarding their topics in all relevant political institutions and channels. My job is to continuously optimize the usability of their services.

The task

In order to get more users to try the Polit-X search and to allow a preview of the diverse content and analytics, the client came up with the idea of ​​a topic-centered (partly generated) landing page. It was my job to bring the idea into a visual form.

Landing page concept that improves SEO visibility and helps with conversion rates and also integrates the new Corporate Identity.


The landing page consists of several elements that look at the topic from different perspectives in order to map different user needs. These are:

  • the latest documents on the subject (e.g. laws, protocols or inquiries from the Bundestag or Twitter comments from politicians)
  • relevant stakeholders who stand for the respective topic and trigger discussions
  • Importance of the topic for the german parties
  • Map for a possible regional distribution of the topic
  • popularity of the topic as a timeline

To increase the conversion rate, a sticky banner appears on the landing page bottom that advertises a test access:

Landingpage Polit-X

The concept of landing pages not only works for topics, but can also be used for institutions or people such as politicians:

I used the new corporate design in dark blue and fresh mint and Open Sans as a friendly and confident font in the designs. I also revised the homepage and added a quick access search via tags to the general search function.

I created an module for the home page which points out benefits of Polit-X products:

The result

The new design helped to increase the number of registrations for test accounts and improve visibility at Google. The minimalist, clean design presents Polit-X as a trustworthy institution.

I enjoy working with the Polit-X team very much and thrive off their consistent positive energy and dedication for their product. Our work process usually looks like that: after an initial briefing and my own analysis of existing solutions and available user data, I create wireframes that i design with Sketch to speed up the development process.

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