Culinary Adventure Dinners

A rather unusual project for a portfolio but very much in the “User Experience” category: As a team, I design and cook a themed dinner for 10-12 guests with Elisabeth Alsen once a year. As a guest you have to be keen to experiment: we like to cook mealworms or use ash as an ingredient …

Everything starts with the decision on a subject. Ideas for the courses are refined and test cooked. The logistics for shopping, detailed planning of cooking in the evening, so that all courses have the right temperature and so on – that’s all positive stress and a lot of fun!

Concept for a multi-course dinner: concept and the cooking, invitation and menu design and food photography

Here is a selection of the most exciting topics and dishes:

Play with your Food

Reispapier-Cracker und Farben: Rote Beete-Dill, Süßkartoffel-Kurkuma, Erbse-Minze und Rucola-Pesto.

Rice paper and Krupuk crackers can be painted with beet root and dill, sweet potato and turmeric, pea and mint, and rocket pesto pastes.

Murmelsack: Birne, Blauschimmelkäse und pickled onion marbles, reverse spherified walnut dressing.

Pear, blue cheese and pickled onion marbles, reverse spherified walnut dressing.

Geisterbahn: geröstete Mehlwürmer auf grünem Gazpacho mit Kapuzinerkresse (visual effects: Trockeneis)

Roasted Mealworms and green Gazpacho (special effects by Dry Ice)

Opposites Attract

Rich and Poor
Sun chokes with leek ash and cauliflower truffle puree with gold

Inside and Outside
Chicken liver mousse with a chicken skin cracker

Light and Dark

Wild rice and beluga lentils under horse radish cole slaw under leafy greens and sprouts in lemon tahini dressing under raw radish salad under aubergine skin chips with sesame dressing

Pretty and Ugly
Apple and onion puff pastry rose on black pudding with caramalized onions and marjoram

Good for you and bad for you
Meringue shards and whipped cream with orange supremes and zest on sea buckthorn sauce

Dense and Airy
Dark chocolate fudge brownie with a hazelnut cinammon air

Savor the Flavor

Shrimp dumplings in broth

Green, pink, white pepper dip

Fattoush salad

Green tea and jasmin delice

Isch des Bio? Prenzlauer Berg
Veggie Patties with carrot sauce and brussel sprouts

Veronika, der Lenz ist da! – Wilmersdorf
White asparagus soup

Straight outta Marzahn
Petit Fours with surprise filling


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