Help fleet managers analyse sensor data

The application is intended to help fleet managers analyze the large number of data recorded by vehicles. For example, sensors track the geographic position of the vehicle at a specific point in time, speed, tank level or record information about the driver.


  • User Interface and Navigation concept in the form of an interactive prototype in InVision
  • Validate the concept with user interviews (Test concept, interview users (remote) and create a test report)
  • Research and explore potentially useful visualizations of sensor data


A search filter provides access to the data: by driver or vehicle, by location, time or period. The most interesting feature for managers though is a function to search for specific events. An event can be sudden diesel loss, particularly long waiting times or spontaneous braking maneuvers.

Here, for example, a drop in the tank level is displayed and helps the manager to analyse all accompanying circumstances (who was the driver, where and when did it happen, how was the route) and take appropriate measures.

Interface: Karte, Detail und Zeitleiste
Interface: Karte, Detail und Zeitleiste


I could validate the hypotheses about how the information is displayed in the interface (especially the combination of map, time course and detailed information about an event) – they were rated as useful and well designed.

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